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  1. As it travels between hosts, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, appears as a tiny, spiky orb, around 120 billionths of a meter across. Expelled from the human body – by a cough, say, or a well-placed sneeze – the virus can settle on surfaces, where it sits, microscopic and immobile, for hours or even days. If something comes along and touches the surface, the virus can travel with it – to a human hand, then from a hand to a face, and from there into the body.

    Unless, that is, something destroys it first!

    This is where Steam Cleaners are an invaluable assistant in stopping the spread of the virus
    The Steam Clean Systems SC2000 is an ideal weapon agianst SARS-Co V-2 and can completely sanitize surfaces in a matter of minutes

    Having an on board vacuum and 6Bar steam hitting the surface at around 115Deg. C The SC2000 not only kills any viruses that happen to be on the surface but removes any debris left behind simultaneously.

    Phone the Steam Clean Systems Hotline on 01903 755128 and speak to one of our dedicated proffesionals about how you can use Steam to fight against the Pandemic

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    Our SC2000T Primed and ready for action


  2. Corona Virus Protection Update

    Be Prepared

    With the threat of Corona (Covid-19) Virus

    Sanitizing and Decontamination Is So Important

    Steam Cleaners are a proven way of decontaminating surfaces that are contaminated with all types of pathogens.

    Steam Clean Systems entire range of steam cleaners are suitable for killing bacteria and viruses but the steam and vacuum machines are more efficient because the vacuum will leave a surface completely dry and free from any contamination. Steam and vacuum is the favoured cleaning medium for the NHS.

    The Steam Clean Systems SC2000 range is our most popular machine in the healthcare sector.

    We can absolutely guarantee that if used correctly our SC2000 Steam Cleaner will have a log reduction of 5 ie. it will kill and remove 99.999% of the total pathogens.

    For a no obligation demonstration of decontamination at your site
    Click Here

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