public transport cleaning

Our SC range of steam cleaners will allow you to clean Buses, Trains and Aeroplanes in less than half the time  with visibly better results.

The SC2000 is small enough to get down the aisle of any public transport vehicle be it a train or bus or plane and in the case of a double decker bus is light enough to carry up the stairs. The power of this steam cleaner is more than enough to clean perfectly even in the dirtiest of situations. It's ability to sanitise all that it cleans means it is invaluable in cases of travel sickness

And don't forget its Extra Reliability due to its patented boiler design and high build quality. The SC2000 will be out there working while other machines are stuck in cupboards awaiting repair.   

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Full training is given on all machines FREE OF CHARGE

A recent demonstration on a bus floor with the SC2000 produced these results:

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