The SC1300

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 The Simple, Light Commercial, Steam Only Direct Fill Machine that Packs a Big Punch




The SC1300 is the perfect Steam Cleaner for the smaller user. With its powerful 6 bar Steam and Tough ergonomic tools it's perfect for cleaning and sanitising in Kitchens, Washrooms, Bathrooms and any other area with hard to clean nooks and crannies. Its tough floor tool has devices to attach a micro fibre cloth or an Optional Purpose Made Mop Pad thus enabling it to be used as a steam mop. 

The SC1300, in keeping with the rest of the Steam Clean Systems range has a self descaling boiler that just has to be rinsed out once a month to keep it lime free.

The SC1300 is highly portable and has casters for floor cleaning and flip down feet for standing safely on tables etc.

It's Durable all Stainless Steel body allows for the most Robust handling making it perfect for mobile operations such as being carried from site to site in a van.

All our Steam Cleaners have COPPER BOILERS with EXTERNAL HEATING ELEMENTS which are not only EXPLOSION PROOF but it means that in hard water areas they are NOT AFFECTED BY LIME SCALE  Click Here To See How Our Boilers Work
Just empty and rinse the boiler once a month and have NO Limescale Problems.

This Machine is Ideal for people who have been using Domestic Steam Cleaners but are disillusioned by the fact that they only last about 2 weeks before they break down and have to be THROWN  AWAY.



Standard Tools For the SC1300 Are Included                                                                               RIP0501           RIP0514            RIP0512         RIP0513                                                     

            Steam hose                   Floor Tool                          Extension Tubes x 2         Adapter for floor tool


                Steam only detail nozzle RIP0511       RIP0516                     RIP0515RIP5151RIP5151            steam only detail brush - RIP5151

           Detail nozzle                    Squeegee                    Large triangular brush     Detail Brush

Power  230V - 50/60Hz
Boiler      2,4 Lts
Boiler Power      1300W
Steam Temperature 165°C (insider boiler)
Steam Pressure        5 Bar
Steel Body         YES
Dimensions 25x38x30 cms
Weight (with accessories)      10 Kgs
Weight (without accessories)        8 Kgs
Pressure Steam     Adjustable
Automatic alarm no water left   Light indicator
Complete with full accessory kit           YES
Nebulizer pressure, detergents or disinfectants with optional accessory CVK36 *         YES
Wheels and flip down legs for table use *



Service Second To None! 
All Steam Clean Systems commercial steam cleaners carry a 12 months parts and labour guarantee with on site repairs wherever possible.  

All our Explosion Proof copper boilers carry a 2 year replacement guarantee


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  £475.00 + VAT



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                £99.00 + vat                                   £99.00 +vat

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