Here are some of the advantages of the Pure v6 machine in Hospitals, care homes and throughout the healthcare environment.

Patient Rooms

  • Over bed Hospital tables, bedside lockers, bed rails and general furniture are cleaner and more sanitary than ever before
  • Cleaner and fresher upholstery that is also sanitised.
  • Kill dust mites in carpets, bedding and fabric thus reducing allergic reactions.
  • All accidental stains and spillage can be cleaned and sanitised on carpets,rugs and fabrics.
  • Spot clean and sanitise curtains and drapes. 
  • Enables very easy thorough cleaning and sanitising of Hospital wheelchairs, commodes and other patient equipment.
  • Bath and shower room fixtures, floors and equipment cleaned and sanitised to an exceptional standard.
  • All types of floors particularly none slip vinyls and tiles are left spotlessly cleanand totally sanitised.

Food Service and Preparation Areas

  • Clean and sanitise Hospital ward service fridges inside and out including door seals.
  • Clean burnt in grease from ovens and other equipment without the use of harsh noxious chemicals.

Dirt and grease removed quickly and effectively from even the deepest cracks and crevices.


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