SC3000 Industrial Steam & Vacuum


The SC3000 Industrial Steam Cleaner is one of the most powerful single phase steam cleaners on the market today. It has all the power and  capacity to meet the most demanding industrial jobs.

It produces steam at a pressure of 8 bar with an enormous volume of 6 kg/hr. Its 10 litre water reservoir  gives it over 3 hours continuous running time on one top up.

It also has  detergent injection to speed things up with enormous amounts of dirt, and has an enormous 23 Litre 1300 watt Vacuum to take care of it.

The SC3000 also has a unique pressure water facility which is incredibly useful when a  surface needs rinsing or for extraction cleaning.


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The SC 3000 Industrial Steam Cleaner utilizes the latest steam technology and uses very little water with no harsh chemicals, so providing maximum standards of cleaning and hygiene with minimum environmental impact.

All our Steam Cleaners have COPPER BOILERS with EXTERNAL HEATING ELEMENTS which are not only EXPLOSION PROOF but it means that in hard water areas they are NOT AFFECTED BY LIME SCALE Click HERE To See How Our Self Descaling Boilers Work

Even when used for 8 hours per day lime scale is not a problem as they all have a patent method of flushing out the boiler which takes Just 5 minutes a month.

• steam jet adjustable;

• detergent and water jet at 60°;
• boiler automatically refilled;
• two stages vacuum – 1000 W;
• accessory kit for cleaning.

 The SC3000 Industrial steam Cleaner is perfect for all the heavy duty cleaning jobs such as Commercial Kitchen deep cleaning. Heavy duty degreasing in places such as industrial machine shops and heavy engineering clean ups.

Accessories Included:
cvpcv cv0 cva cvb cvc cvd cve cvf cvg1 cvg2 cvg3 cvh cvi cvl cvm 
mgk01 mgk04 mgl

 Optional Accessories
Additional optional accessories are also available to increase the capabilities of the SC2000 commercial steam cleaner. See the Accessories page here


Supply 230V 50/60Hz
Boiler 3 Lt
Boiler Filling Automatic
Max Boiler Power 2000 +1000 watts
Steam Temperature (inside boiler) 190°C
Steam Pressure (inside boiler) 8 Bar
Steam output 6 Kg/h
Vacuum Motor 2 stages 1000 Watt
Tank Boiler Filling 10 Lt
Tank Water/Detergent 10 Lt
Stainless Steel Tank 23 Lt
Detergent Temperature 40°C
Dimensions 40x49x115 cm
Weight (with accessories) 43 Kg
Weight (without accessories) 38 Kg


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Service Second To None! 
All Steam Clean Systems commercial steam cleaners carry a 12 months parts and labour guarantee with onsite repairs wherever possible.  

All our Explosion Proof copper boilers carry a 2 year replacement guarantee

£3100.00 + VAT          OR £28.03 + vat per week over 3 years (subject to status)

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