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  1. Our SC3000 Industrial Steam Cleaner is proving a great hit with several of Kents soft fruit packing companies. Due to the messy nature of soft friuts and berries and the fact that packing them requires a great deal of highly complicated machinery our SC3000 Industrial Steam Cleaner is just the ticket for cleaning and sanitising thse machines. With it's powerful 8 bar high volume steam with detergent injection and unique water inection coupled with its powerful vacuum with a massive 23ltr waste tank, the SC3000 is able to clean and sanitize all the machinery in the packing houses easily, quickly and efficiently with abslutely no fuss.  

  2. A major West Country general hospital has been trialing one of our Commercial Steam Cleaners namely the SC2000T which is a six bar pressure steamer with a powerful vacuum and a 15 ltr waste tank. So far they are delighted with our machine and it looks as though an order for 10 will be secured within a week or so. They particlarly like the fact that the SC2000T has a unique self descaling boiler making it much more reliable than equivalent machines. Its large volume of steam coupled with the largest waste tank in it's class and the relatively small footprint for storage has made it a great hit with staff.