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  1. Steam cleaning is invaluable in the healthcare and food industries among others where sanitizing and deep cleaning are of paramount importance. Our dry steam cleaners will produce steam up to about 180o C, which means it has an extremely low water content and has excellent degreasing properties.

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  2. In recent years, with the global pandemic, Covid19 or Coronavirus, has seen cleaning becoming a subject of greater interest than ever before. We take it much more seriously than ever before, whilst people are trying to educate themselves on the topic.

    What do we know about sanitizing? And what are the top cleaning machines to use for sanitizing?

    What is the difference between sanitizing and cleaning?

    Sanitizing kills bacteria, whereas cleaning removes dirt, dust, a number of bacteria but ultimately doesn't kill bacteria. Effective cleaning is paramount before sanitizing, as sanitizing will not work unless the area is free from visible contamination.

    Using a steam and vacuum cleaner is a fantastic way to clean AND sanitize in one go, whilst also being safe and environmentally friendly.  The steam will usually reach a temperature of around 120 degrees, deep cleaning and sanitising surfaces, penetrating cracks in the surfaces, tackling grease and oil, and killing bacteria.

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