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    • Excellent value - our prices are very competitive for a leading brand. We understand that as well as an excellent service, you’ll want to keep the costs of your cleaning operation down. We offer great value for money and reliability.
    • A trusted brand - as we’ve been established and trading for over 25 years, we’ve build a great reputation for quality and reliability amongst our loyal customer base. They trust us to deliver on time and advise on the best machines for any given job.
    • Fast delivery - most of the products you require are in stock, we aim to deliver your order within 3 working days to get your started on that cleaning project as quickly as we can. There may be times in which you need something quicker.Contact our team on 01903 755128 to discuss special delivery options. 
    • A knowledgeable team - it's your job to run your business and it’s our job to know about the cleaning machinery for that job. Our team can help to remove the stress of having to get involved with machinery matters, allowing you to focus on growing your business!

    If you would like to ask a question or discuss your cleaning machine needs, please get in touch using the website contact form or call us on 01903755128.

  1. Although we can’t yet proclaim with certainty that the COVID-19 pandemic is over, there are signs that the worst may be behind us. With the vaccination program now in full swing, businesses can start making plans for the future. While most industries experienced a tough time throughout the pandemic, others stumbled upon an unprecedented opportunity to flourish.

    However, not all businesses that saw a boom can say that they’ll continue to enjoy their newfound success when the virus is finally defeated. Steam cleaning services are one of the few industries that are expected to continue being in high demand once the pandemic is officially over.

    Since surfaces need to be sanitized more thoroughly than before, people are going to work more closely with steam cleaning services to get this done. These specialists use an advanced high pressure steam cleaner to remove grime, clean dirt, and disinfect surfaces. This service will continue to be widely used in both residential and commercial settings. 

    Ask our specialist team about using steam in a commercial and domestic environment we will be happy to show you how. Phone 01903 755128 or Email [email protected]