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  1. The stations that are to be used on the  London Crossrail line are presently having all the Chewing Gum removed from their platforms by four Steam Clean Systems Gum Gulper Street Carts. The amount of gum left on the platforms is simply mind boggling. In one four and a half hour shift the 4 machines are removing upwards of 12,000 wads of gum, some of which is reckoned to have been there for over ten years.

    It's certainly testament to the Gum Gulper Street Cart's Super Ability.

    gum gulper street c jpeg

  2. darlingtonrailwaystationgum gulper street c

    If you've travelled on East Coast Trains lately you may have noticed that the station platforms are no longer covered in unsightly pieces of discarded Chewing Gum.

    A veritable army of platform cleaners have done battle with the hundreds of thousands of pieces gum that littered every platform on every station. 

    Fortunately they won hands down owing to being armed with Steam Clean Systems Gum Gulper Street Cart Machines.

    The Gum Gulper Street Cart is the only stand alone gum removal machine that picks up the slurry created when the Chewing Gum is broken down by Steam and Gum Chemical.

    The Result? Lovely clean platforms on all stations.