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    One of the more unusual uses for our Steam Cleaners is in cleaning Artist's Studios. Their ability to remove paints, oil, acrylics, water colours and pastels means that the artists environment is improved greatly.

    Internationally Acclaimed artist Mackenzie Thorpe has a Steam Clean Systems SC2000T for cleaning his studio.

    Susan Thorpe described it as "a match made in Heaven". She went on to say that Mackenzie's environment has been improved so greatly thanks to his SC2000T, that he thinks it's actually improved his work.

    Yet another area where steam is improving a working environment.

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    Catteries have to be very careful with cleaning regimes as disease spreads very quickly through them. Our steam cleaners ability to clean, sanitise and vacuum up all the waste is invaluable in such environments.

    Gary Weeks manager of the Llys Nini RSPCA Animal Centre near Neath in south Wales Writes,

    "We have been using the SC2000 Steam Cleaner for several months now in our cattery and have found it to be very good.

    The ease at which you are able to carry out a more thorough deep clean and the extra grime it removes is second to none.

    It works well in covering a large floor area to being able to get into difficult to reach areas with the use of the different attachments."