The steam and microfibre mopping system

The Steam Clean Systems mopping system utilises Micro fibre and super heated steam to give a mopping system that not only leaves a clean surface but sanitises it as well. The mop heads put down raw steam straight onto the surface through jets in the middle of the microfibre pads so the mop can be used in any direction and the micro fibre mops up the busted dirt.

The system consists of two mop heads one smaller triangular head for use on areas such as doors, walls in fact any flat surface. The other is a  larger floor mop which is big enough for large floor areas. Both heads utilise heavy duty velcro to stick the mop pads to the heads. All our mop heads have loops to remove the dirty mop pads without the need to touch the contaminated area.

The mopping system can be used with any of our steam cleaners. With the SC2000 one needs a complete mop kit. With the steam only machines one needs just the mop heads and the pads and with the SC3000 just extension tubes, adapter, mop heads and pads are required.

Example image

Mopping Kit for SC2000. Complete with Steam Only Hose, Exteansion Tubes, Triangular Mop Head, Floor Mop Head, 1Triangular Mop and 1 Floor Mop.

                    £150.00 +vat

Example image

Mopping Kit for SC3000. Extension Tubes, Triangular Mop Head, Floor Mop Head, 1 Triangular Microfibre Mop and 1 Floor Micro Fibre  Mop.

               £79.48 +vat

Example image

Mopping kit for SC2400 and SC1300 Triangular mop head, floor mop head  with microfibre mops to suit


                            £49.78 + vat