Deep clean and keep clean all commercial kitchens

Steam Cleaning is now the most popular choice for commercial kitchen cleaning virtualy worldwide. This is because with steam cleaners being so versitile it is the only product that is needed to clean the entire Kitchen.

Steam is simply the best degreaser that there is, and with steam and vaccuum the grease can bebusted and vaccuumed from the surface in one go leaving surfacegrease free, clean and dry. 

Floors can be completely slip free and safe in one quick operation and can be walked on straight away.

Everything from the inside of ovens, through all types of tiles, to fryers and extraction canopies can be perfectly and quickly cleaned using one of our range of steam and vacuum cleaners.

Once the kitchen is deepcleaned then using the steam and Vacuum cleaner to keep it clean does away with having to have periodicle deepcleans.

Keep your kitchen totally clean with much better attention to detail for less man hours.

For small to medium sized kitchen our SC2000 range of Steam and Vacuum cleaners is perfect click on the left hand machine below for more details.

For large kitchens, multiple kitchens or kitchen deepclean companies our larger and more powerful SC3000 is what is needed. Click on the right hand machine for more details.

Click on the machine pictures for more details