The Hospitality Industry Benefits From Using Steam Clean Systems Dry steam Cleaners

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Caterers  always face the continuous challenge of maintaining the highest cleaning standards at the lowest costs, and with Covid 19 both public and government pressure has brought the whole topic of disinfection, sanitising, and food safety sharply into focus in recent years. 


Inspiring confidence in your customers and staff during, and after, this pandemic is key to winning repeat business,  Hyper-hygiene conscious people demand and deserve the gold standard of environmental safety and the reassurance that you’ve adhered to government guidelines.


Dry steam efficiently cleans counters, serving lines and cooking equipment, all without chemicals, and removes grease from cooking surfaces, oven doors and grill hoods. Fridges, freezers, workspaces, floors and surfaces can all be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly with the use of our dry steam cleaning machines, while the savings in water, time and money are considerable.


Hotel accommodations, residences, health resorts and tourism offices have particular needs concerning sanitising and having a fresh welcoming environment. Rooms need to be cleaned quickly and on a regular basis, with often frequent changes of guests, so as to avoid any risk of contamination. Our dry steam and vacuum machines are eminently suitable for carpets, textiles, armchairs cleaning and the deep cleaning of ventilation systems in each room.


Our commercial steam cleaning machines are ideal for cleaning mattresses, pillows, chairs and carpets, quickly and efficiently guarantee a clean and sanitised environment. Killing dust mites and removing allergens for a healthier indoor environment.

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