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Dry steam cleaning is growing in popularity as processors seek better ways to meet sanitation requirements in environments that can’t tolerate water, have allergen changeovers or have a higher risk for contamination.

Extra cleaning and sanitizing challenges plague dry processing facilities, such as those making bakery items, snack foods, confections, dry ingredients, powered drink mixes, seasonings, coffee and dry pet food. There is zero tolerance for moisture in certain facilities, so standard wash-down methods aren’t an option.
As a result, processors have increasingly been turning to dry steam sanitation as a more effective method to clean in water-sensitive environments. Dry steam sanitation uses the power of high-temperature, low-moisture dry steam for cleaning food processing equipment, conveyor belts and other industrial machinery. The high-temperature dry steam obliterates fats, oils, dirt and seasonings, and kills mold, bacteria, listeria and other microorganisms on contact. The dry steam evaporates quickly, leaving minimal moisture behind, resulting in clean and dry surfaces.

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