Mr Scrubby hard floor and carpet cleaner


Mr Scrubby the light, inexpensive way to 
solve your floor cleaning problems


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Mr Scrubby lays down 
water and scrubs the floor
the dirty water is the picked up from the central roller into the spill proof waste tank.

Mr Scrubby With Eyes

Mr Scrubby comes in two sizes 35cm wide and 25cm wide (Mr Scrubby junior)

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Mr scrubby has his own retractable transport wheels and he is easily light enough to carry up and down stairs.


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Mr Scrubby is the perfect solution for those people who have a large amount of floor of any kind to clean. Even those with many differant types of floor to clean in one go, will find that with his multi purpose brushes Mr Srubby can run from smooth hard floors to rough floors to safety floors and the straight onto carpets all without stopping. Mr Scrubby's powerful motor takes all kind of surfaces in it's stride.  

Unlike most floor cleaning machines Mr Scrubby Cleans right up to the edge, in fact the right hand side of the front brush protrudes slightly from his body ensuring that there are no lines of dirty floor next to the side wall. 

Mr Scrubby has quick release brush spindles that ensure that his brushes can be removed for rinsing clean in seconds. His anti spill waste tank can also be removed in seconds for emptying and rinsing. 

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Refilling Mr Scrubby's clean water tank which holds four litres is quick and easy and Detergent can be added if nescessary. 

Ease and lightness of use is what Mr Scrubby is all about. Just plug him in press his foot pedal lower his handle and he starts working for you imediately.

 There is a choice of brushes

       grey multi pupose brush PNG                                 black stiffer brush PNG                 brown soft brush PNG


, Grey for multi purpose,                                Black for heavy duty                      Brown soft natural bristle for deep pile carpets.



 Mr Scrubby complete £1095.00 + vat     

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Mr Scrubby Junior complete £995.00 +vat

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