SC2000D Commercial Steam & Vacuum Cleaner


The SC2000D is one  of the most versatile commercial Steam and Vacuum cleaners on the market today. With 6 bar steam pressure at a volume of 2.6 kg/hr and continuous steam output and switchable Detergent Injection it has enough power to cope with Extra Dirty surfaces and to sanitise to the highest standards. It’s compact size and cost effectiveness makes it ideal for every type of business from contract cleaning through to food retailing and residential care.Because of its ability to clean extra dirty surfaces it is especialy useful to Contract Cleaners.

 SC2000 Commercial Steam Cleaner                 sc2000 with eva full length 1 manufacturer                  sc2000 trolley front 2 STEAM CLEANER maufacturer             mop in use

All our Steam Cleaners have COPPER BOILERS with EXTERNAL HEATING ELEMENTS which are not only EXPLOSION PROOF but it means that in hard water areas they are NOT AFFECTED BY LIME SCALE Click HERE To See How Our Self Descaling Boilers Work

Even when used for 8 hours per day lime scale is not a problem as they all have a patent method of cleaning out the boiler which takes Just 5 minutes a month.

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  • 6Bar high volume steam
  • Detergent Injection
  • Two Stage vacuum
  • Standard Accessories Steam / Vacuum 


The SC2000D is a multifunctional compact steam generator, designed for cleaning and sanitising. Thanks to its power ensures a professional result. Perfect for cleaning  windows, hoods, carpet, marble floors, laminate flooring, bathroom fittings, metal surfaces and tiles. Ideal for use in Care Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping centres, fitness centers, beauty shops,also very useful for contract cleaners, facilities management etc.

Accessories Included
 cvp cv0 cvacvb cvc   cve   cvg1 cvg2 cvg3 cvh cvi cvl cvm 

Optional Accessories
Additional optional accessories are also available to increase the capabilities of the SC2000 commercial steam cleaner. See the Accessories page here


Power 230V
Boiler 2,2 Lts
Power Boiler 1000+1000 Watt
Steam Temperature 165°C (inside boiler)
Steam Pressure 6 Bar
Productivity 2,6 Kg/h
Vacuum Power 1000 W
Stainless Steel Tank 20 Lts
Dimensions 36x36x65 cms
Weight (without accessories) 18 Kgs
Weight (with accessories) 21,5 Kgs
Detergent from the external tank YES
Automatic refilling boiler YES
Aspiration solid/liquid YES
Steam and vacuum simultaneously YES
Automatic alarm no water left YES
Braked wheels NO
Nebulizer pressure, detergents or disinfectants with optional accessory CVK36 YES


Service Second To None! 
All Steam Clean Systems commercial steam cleaners carry a 12 months parts and labour guarantee with onsite repairs wherever possible.  

All our Explosion Proof copper boilers carry a 2 year replacement guarantee

            SC2000D with detergent                                  

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 OR £14.87 per week over 3 years             
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          SC2000DT with detergent & trolley

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