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The Gum Gulper Street Cart also comes with a full cleaning kit for the general cleaning of street furniture, removal of fly posters, statue cleaning and graffiti removal.

This is a unique Stand Alone Gum Removal System utilising a powerfull 4.5 kilowatt turn key, electric start generator to power a 6 bar Steam and Vacuum Gum Removal machine that has Steam Clean Systems Unique, all Steel, Steam and Vacuum gum removal lance.

Removing Gum from floors, Concrete Paving Slabs, Tarmac, block paving and even carpets has never been so easy. Just give the gum a squirt of steam and special bio- degradable detergent,rub with the gum brush and vacuum up the slurry with the rubber bladed gulper.

The 9 litre water container gives nearly two hours of constant gum removal or street cleaning and the large petrol tank on the generator gives up to 8 hours running on one fill.

The spacious top box with rotating warning light is big enough to hold all the supplied tools, the Steam and Vacuum hose and personal items of the operator.

The ST4000 is the most powerful Steam Cleaner on the market that makes Steam using a pressurised boiler. The advantage of this over a heat exchanger system as used by other systems is the quality of Steam. With the ST4000 the Steam is much drier which is particularly good for cleaning. Not only does it make less mess when cleaning, Dry Steam is much better at penetrating dirt and Micro Splitting it into small particles which stops it sticking to surfaces.

The heat for the ST4000 is created using Diesel oil atomised and blasted into the fire box which surrounds the 14 litre boiler by a large turbine. The enormous heat created by this system enables the ST4000 to heat up in just 5 minutes. The use of Diesel as a heating medium means that the ST4000 only requires 150 watts of electricity to run it therefore the machines only needs a small suitcase type generator in the absence of a mains electric supply.

The enormous Volume of steam ( 42 kilogrammes per hour! ) enables two hoses to be used at the same time. The high pressure ( 10 bar ) coupled with this Large Volume of Steam enables these hoses to be in very long lengths without any detriment to the heat or power. ( Standard hoses 7 metres. 20 or 30 metres as an optional extra )

gum removal and street cleaning

outdoor cleaning