Industrial Food Processing and Manufacturing

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10 Important Areas for Steam Cleaning in the Food Industry


  1. Cleaning and degreasing of workbenches, ceilings and walls.
  2. Cleaning and defrosting refrigeration fins and coil
  3. Cleaning and maintenance of ventilation ducts
  4. Removing food residues
  5. Cleaning of batching systems
  6. Cleaning and sanitizing of blending tanks
  7. Removing grease from control panels and electrical boards
  8. Sanitizing filters and grilles
  9. Thorough cleaning of conveyors, chains, belts and rollers.
  10. Sanitising of Refridgeration Systems


Food processing sanitation at the production stage is a key element in protecting the public from viruses, pathogens and harmful bacteria that can lead to serious illness.

The food industry normally uses strong cleaning and sanitizing lines and programs to eliminate each kind of bacteria and virus.

Chemical sanitizing is a two-stage process: firstly, the initial cleaning with water and detergents; secondly, disinfecting with the aid of harsh chemicals such as chlorine, iodine, quaternary ammonium salts, acid and formaldehyde-based substances.

Adopting an effective cleaning and sanitizing program is crucial to eliminating pathogens from surfaces and equipment.

With Steam Clean systems steam machines this type of processing becomes faster and easier as dry steam reduces system and line down times and saves chemical costs.

Steam Clean Systems machines also guarantee total sanitizing and killing of microorganisms because of the heating shock.

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