The Gum Gulpers they Pick up the Slurry other Machines Leave Behind

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Gum Gulper Street Cart in Use     Gum Gulper Street Cart      Gum Gulper Trolley       Gum Chemical

 Discarded Chewing Gum is an International problem on streets and open spaces. Now it is no longer a disruptive and expensive operation to remove it.

Our Gum Gulper system utilises Super Heated Steam  and a our Biodegradable Gum Removal Chemical to rapidly break down the gum and a unique vacuum system to remove the Slurry which all other systems leave behind.

The system comes in two versions 

The Gum Gulper Street Cart is a stand alone system using our Gum Gulper together with an Electric Key start 4.5KVA generator to power it. The system uses very little water, in fact only about 9 litres for  a whole days work and this is carried in a handy canister on the machine. There is very little environmental impact and the system can be used without having to cordon off areas of the street. All our machines have the DEFFRA award for water saving.

It is possible to remove up to 10 wads of gum per minute with no time taken for clearing up.

The Gum Gulper Trolley is exactly the same as above but has smaller water and chemical cannisters and needs to be plugged into a 240v supply either from a mains outlet or the users own generator of 3.5 KVA or more.


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