Graffiti Removal


Graffiti is a growing problem all around us. For areas where pressure washers cannot be used due to the large amount of water produced, we have developed a special chemical to ues with our SC3000 machine for small to medium sized areas and with our new and extremely powerful ST4000 for large areas.

The lance is mechanically operated unlike the conventional steam hose which release the steam electronically from within the machine, this lance always has the steam under pressure in the lance and ready to go. This enables short fast bursts of steam with the steam staying under full pressure.

This system requires a modification to the SC3000 which gives it separate outlets for the steam and chemical. The ST4000, however, comes with the lance as standard.


sc3000 conversion                                Graffiti Removal Lance In Operation             st 4000 pic
SC3000 showing special outlets       Graffiti removal lance in use        The new diesel powered ST4000

Chemical Lance With Hose                             Graffiti Removal Mechanical Gun 
Chemical Lance with hose                                         Close up of Mechanical Gun
                                                                                      showing seperate Steam 
                                                                                      Chemical Triggers   


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